Botched Ink Removal

BOTCHED INK ® £100 per session

-Microblading Tattoo Removal Service
-Salt & Saline Removal

The realistic expectations A client can expect from this treatment would be that on average clients can start to see fading/ lightening of the area after 2-3 sessions, but it can take more or less depending on each individual client and skin type.

The more pigment that is in the skin the more sessions it will take to remove it. SPMU can never 100% be removed although some great results can still be achieved.

Once you and the technician are happy to have got to A stage where the old tattoo is light enough then A fresh set of correctional brows can be carried out.

How does the Botched ink ® Tattoo Removal Treatment work?

The skin is numbed using A very strong topical numbing anaesthetic, it is then covered with cling film to allow the anaesthetic to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Once the skin is prepped, A needle with A special potent solution is used in circular/ pointillism motions over the problem area to be treated.

Once the skin/area has been opened A solution soak is then carried out causing
A reaction that takes place in the dermal layer of the skin.

Once the solution seeps beneath the skins surface, it surrounds and dries out the skins cells causing them to crack open and seep water to try and neutralise the high salt content in that area, which leaves the cell open to allow the old pigment (ink) to escape and flow out/secrete naturally out through the body during the healing process.


NOT Suitable for clients currently taking/ using any steroid, skin thinning, acne medication eg: Isotretinoin/antibiotics, retinol creams, chemical exfoliants, etc so please ask before booking an appointment to avoid disappointment.