Correctional Work & Cover up’s


Depending on the severity, we cannot always treat every single client that has previous old Microblading/ Semi-permanent Makeup/ Scarring around the eyebrows. Depending on the colour/ depth of old pigment/ ink and the type of scarring surrounding the eyebrows. Clear photos are required from the client so that the technician can make an informed decision if the client is suitable for this particular treatment. If Previous/ Old microblading is too saturated/ deep/ dark to cover, we offer A Microblading Removal Service (Botched Ink) that would need to be carried out first. Then once the area is light enough A correctional set of brows could potentially be carried out but acceptance is not guaranteed, the technician can still decline A request for A semipermanent makeup treatment at any time if they feel it is not suitable.


This form is used in order for the technician to assess your suitability for A Semipermanent Makeup Treatment. Once your form has been accepted and confirmed, A £50 Non-Refundable Deposit can then be placed to secure your appointment slot and A Free Patch Test MUST be carried out A minimum of 24hrs before your appointment.


NOT Suitable for clients currently taking/ using any steroid, skin thinning, acne medication eg: Isotretinoin/antibiotics, retinol creams, chemical exfoliants, etc so please ask before booking an appointment to avoid disappointment.