Express Wax & Tint


This is our most popular signature brow style, this technique is perfect for any client due to its versatility. This style consists of crisp clean cut outlines with pixilated gradual faded fronts leading into A seamless body blend with denser darker tails.

•Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo
•Smudge-proof / Water-proof
•Makeup Free
•Perfect eyebrows all day every day all year round
•Lasts up to 2-5+ years
•Treatment Time: 3-4hrs
•Save hours of time not applying makeup
•Tailor-made for each individual client
•Aftercare booklets and ointment provided
•Over 18’s Only
•A Free Consultation and a Patch Test is required a minimum of 24hrs before booking an Ombre Brow treatment.
•A Non-Refundable Deposit of £50 (deducted from total treatment cost) required upon booking to secure desired date.
•The tattoo will appear 30% – 40% lighter once healed, brows will look flawlessly airbrushed and makeup-free (not your typical block brow). This brow style is available for all skin types but is particularly best suited for A normal to dry skin type.
•Top-Up’s and Annual Colour Boosts are optional but recommended to keep your cosmetic tattoo looking as best as it can. These procedures are charged separately please contact DR.INK directly to enquire about these services.

The 1st procedure will take approximately 3-4hrs. During this session, We discuss the clients desired outcome and explain the different stages of the treatment process so that the client is fully aware of what will happen throughout the procedure and exactly what to do post-treatment to maintain and look after their new brows.

Once Everything has been explained the brows are custom designed to each individual client. Only when both the technician and client are 100% Happy with the brow design do we then trace over the template so the colour/ ink is precisely infused at the correct depth in the skin. Afterwards, we will show the client their new brows and apply aftercare ointment to soothe the skin and encourage healing. 

Top-Up sessions are carried out to perform minor touch-ups/ adjustments 6 weeks after to the original now healed tattoo, we allocate 1-2 hours for this session and may include adding more density/definition, colour correcting, or fixing any uneven areas that might have occurred during the healing stages of the original session. If the correct aftercare has been carried out the tattoo may not need any further work done if it has healed perfectly and the technician may just advise a simple Eyebrow Wax, Wax & Tint or Brow Lamination on top of the healed Ombré Brows to intensify the look/ give more of a HD effect.


NOT Suitable for clients currently taking/ using any steroid, skin thinning, acne medication eg: Isotretinoin/antibiotics, retinol creams, chemical exfoliants, etc so please ask before booking an appointment to avoid disappointment.