Eyebrow Lamination Aftercare

-DO NOT get your eyebrows wet for the first 24hrs. Avoid steamy baths, showers and flannels. The brows are in there sleek silky stage, do not touch your brows, allow the lamination to set in place. Once 24hrs have passed wash your brows with shampoo and conditioner (Olaplex ideally) use a spoolie to brush brows into desired shape then allow them to air dry this will set them in place every time.
-After 2 weeks start to use castor oil. Place a pea size amount to each brow before bed every night and allow to nourish overnight.
Ensure to washout the castor oil in the morning just like you’d wash out a hair mask you must shampoo and condition vour brows whether that’s in the shower or you incorporate it into your morning skin care routine.
-Highly recommended using olaplex shampoo and conditioner on your eyebrows to strengthen the hair bonds and keep your brows in their best condition, you can even hair mask your brows just like you would your hair! Next time you have a pamper session don’t forget your brows love a pamper to.
-When showering do not towel dry/ rub your face roughly, Pat try your face but leave the brows wet, then using a spoolie brush the wet brows into place and allow to set and dry in that position.
You can still use makeup on your brows if you wanted to as long as it’s removed gently and fully.
-To keep your brow lamination looking the best it can you have to remember your brow hairs are the same as the hair on your head you wouldn’t leave the house without brushing or styling it? Brow lamination is low maintenance not No maintenance.