Eyebrow Lamination


Luxury treatment includes:

•Lavender & Aloe Vera Pre Wax cleanse
•Lavender Eyebrow Wax
•Luxury Lamination
•Eyebrow Tinting (15-20 mins)
•Nourishing Eyebrow oil
•Free aftercare pack included
•Suitable for ALL skin types
•Lasts up to 8+ weeks
•Treatment Time: 1hr 30min

Eyebrow Lamination is a straightening treatment where unruly hairs that grow in different directions, course curly hairs, sparse gappy brows are chemically processed by breaking down the hair bonds to manipulate them into a new and improved shape, creating the illusion of fuller fluffier looking brows. Eyebrows have there own cycle, where hairs will naturally fall out and new hairs grow through just like the hair on our heads, eyebrow lamination does not cause hair loss.
Due to brushing brows more than ever before you might notice your cycle more than usual but this is normal.

The only other cause of hair loss is over processing the lamination either it has been left on to long or the ingredients used in cheap kits are too strong for the eyebrow hairs, and just like bleaching your hair the brow hairs can become damaged from being over chemically processed. This is why it is important to find an experienced eyebrow technician who knows exactly what they are doing regarding timings for each individual clients brow density and uses high end luxury products.


NOT Suitable for clients currently taking/ using any steroid, skin thinning, acne medication eg: Isotretinoin/antibiotics, retinol creams, chemical exfoliants, etc so please ask before booking an appointment to avoid disappointment.