PMU Lip Blush


•Cosmetic Lip Tattoo
•Smudge-proof / Water-proof
•Makeup Free Perfect lips every day
•Crisp defined clean cut lip boarders / cupids Bow without the need for Lip Filler
•Lasts up to 2-5+ years
•Treatment Time: 3 hrs
•Are you tired of your reapplying lipstick after everything you eat or drink? Problem solved!
•Save hours of time not applying makeup
•Tailor-made for each individual client
•Aftercare booklets and ointment provided
•Over 18’s Only
•The fresh tattoo will appear more HD/ bold in colour initially, but will soften 30% – 40% lighter once healed within the first week, and will look flawlessly airbrushed and makeup-free. 
•Lip Blush is available for all skin types we offer a wide variety of colour options, bring along your favourite lipstick or lip liner and we will colour match so you can wear your favourite lipstick all year round.
•A Free Consultation and a Patch Test is required a minimum of 24hrs before booking a Lip Blush treatment.
•A Non-Refundable Deposit of £50 required upon booking to secure desired date.
•Top-Up’s / Annual Colour Boosts are optional but recommended to keep your cosmetic tattoo looking as best as it can. These procedures are charged separately.